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Withdraw consent from Work Programme Providers

Do not sign Work Programme documents – #DoNotSign

Universal Jobmatch: Your key rights

Want compensation for poor Jobcentre service?

Got a complaint about a DWP Work Programme Provider?

JSA, Expenses and Jobcentre Flexible Support Fund

DWP: Flexible Support Fund, Benefit Advances, Social Fund and Budgeting Loans

Work Programme: Travel and Job Interview Expenses

JSA: Rugby and Inverness jobseekers first for Claimant Commitment

Appeals process changes for DWP benefits

Work Programme: Evidence of Jobsearch, do I have to provide it? Sanctions?

New Turn2us Benefits Calculator launched and Grants Search

[Charis Grants] Got Gas, Electricity and Water debts and on a low income? You might be eligible for a grant

DWP Zero Hours guidance

Jobcentre: 10 voluntary in-work conditionality pilots

DWP Jobcentre and it’s Providers, your Personal Data and the Freedom of Information Act

How to Name and Shame Workfare Exploiters and Avoid Workfare

275 FOI requests on Universal Jobmatch (UJ)