Newsletter: Latest updates – 3rd Nov 2013

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Jobcentre: 90+ Jobcentres with in-work conditionality pilots

All Universal Jobmatch contract documents

Half a million disabled people will lose “at least £33.25 a week or, crucially, access to their Motability vehicle”

#DoNotSign Work Programme documents, a very good example of

On Work Programme (WP)? Got/Getting a Job? Want to stop DWP/Jobcentre and or WP Provider harassment; getting paid?
(1) Consent to contact employers about employees
(2) Tips to prevent WP provider harassment [all contact] and payment
(3) WP participation ends when JSA ends
(4) Starting work?
(5) Housing and council Tax Benefits?
(6) Flexible Support Fund

[Help to Work] 6 month Community Workfare: Commercial competition opens for business

Wed Nov 6th 9:30am – A date that will live in infamy; DWP release of ESA and JSA Sanctions

Benefit Sanctions: “appalling human cost”

DWP Benefits: How to Appeal or Dispute a Decision from 28th October 2013
(1) Ten step guide to mandatory reconsiderations and appeals
(2) Disability Rights: Two new factsheets to help you challenge benefit decisions
(3) DWP Memo DMG 20/13: Mandatory Reconsideration Prior to Appeal and Direct Lodgement of Appeals with HMCTS
(4) Links to more detail
(5) Tips on disputing a decision
(6)  DWP’s ‘How to Appeal or Dispute a Decision’

Refuted: Securing your rights on Facebook!

Making a Universal Credit claim: information claimants need to have ready

FOI: How to claim JSA without using the Government Gateway

Bedroom Tax: Can’t Pay, Can’t Move

Benefit Sanctions: Jobcentre evidence gathering questions and computer screen shots

Supreme Court and Workfare: Landmark Poundland Cait Reilly Ruling

Mandatory Work Activity providers trying to make people destitute by “large number of inappropriate” “nugatory referrals” for sanctions