6 Month ‘Help to Work’ Workfare: Info pack and £253,800,000 Tender docs published

Community Work Placements -Information Pack for Delivery Partners
Publication date: 04 November 2013 to 04 December 2013
From: http://www.dwp.gov.uk/supplying-dwp/what-we-buy/welfare-to-work-services/

Specification and  ‘Invitation to Tender’ documents
Reference number: UI_DWP_100625
Estimated duration 28/04/2014 – 27/10/2016
Estimated value £0 – £253,800,000
Community Work Placements Specification (word doc)
“1.09 The target group to be referred to CWP provision will be JSA and UC (full conditionality) claimants, who have completed the WP and whose key barrier
preventing them from moving into work, is either insufficient recent work history or a
lack of motivation.
1.10 The target group will be required to undertake a work placement which has to be of
benefit to the community with a public sector or community organisation, or a private
sector organisation…”
Community Work Placements Annex A (word doc)
From: http://www.contractsfinder.businesslink.gov.uk
(Search under: “UI_DWP_100625”)

Background information:
[Help to Work] 6 month Community Workfare: Commercial competition opens for business