JSA Claimant Commitment: DWP internal guidance disclosed, 45+ documents

New JSA Regime devised by UK psychological State aka Nudge Unit? See DWP Good Practice guide. From: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/claimant_commitment_4#incoming-449632
[ The rise of the psychological state in the UK > Nudge Unit aka Behavioural Insights Team > Nudge theory ]

– Initial Work Search Interviews guidance
– Claimant commitment guidance
– Conducting split Initial Work Search Interview guidance
– Example Claimaint Commitment (View text of commitment)
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– Blank JSA Claimant Commitment
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“Districts will start to phase in the JSA Claimant Commitment for new JSA Claimants and Work Programme  completers from 28 October 2013. ”
Further 33+ DWP guidance docs:
and more at:
On JSA “Legally, the Claimant Commitment is the Jobseeker’s Agreement”