Work Programme: Letter to MP about refusing to sign documents

“[There are] forms that are used by the Work Programme Providers to validate participant’s information to the DWP in order to receive their payment for “succeeding in finding sustainable employment”. According to the statement in the DWP Guidance, I am fully within my rights to refuse the use of these forms, as I did. The main reason for my refusal was that [the company] did absolutely nothing to help me find any job, let alone my current one at the time in their own offices!  Apart from being underhanded, it is also unethical for them to claim any taxpayer’s money for something they didn’t do.” [emphasis added]
From: Bad management and cruelty: Iain Duncan Smith and the failures of the Work Programme  – New Statesman – 13 Nov 2013

On Work Programme (WP)? Got/Getting a Job? Want to stop DWP/Jobcentre and or WP Provider harassment; getting paid?

#DoNotSign Work Programme documents, a very good example of

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