Welfare to Work Programme providers and your CV

Remember being mandated in writing to the activity of creating a new or a review of your existing CV, is not same as letting a provider keep a copy. Evidence of undertaking the activity could be done by only showing a printed copy; a copy on a device like an e-reader; laptop or tablet computer.

“As part of that the Provider would ask* for evidence from the participant, (in
whatever form) that activity had been completed and the Provider then weighs that evidence in  terms of answering the question have they complied with the Mandatory Activity to produce or update their CV. If the Provider feels that the weight of evidence doesn’t establish they have complied then they could raise a sanction doubt for not undertaking the activity.  ”
From: DWP Central FoI Team – 20 November 2013

*The word “ask” is not the same as mandating in writing how evidence must be provided in a specific format.

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