Newsletter: Latest 21 updates – 30 Nov 2013

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6 Month ‘Help to Work’ Workfare: Info pack and £253,800,000 Tender docs published

No need to sign Work Programme documents and no sanctions

ESA and JSA Benefit sanctions statistics, of 6th November 2013

Need a bank account? Check out ‘Basic bank accounts’

Universal Credit: Catastrophic Commons report

Work Programme Providers given Security and Data Protection exemptions for faster sanctions by email

JSA Claimant Committment guidance published

On JSA “Legally, the Claimant Commitment is the Jobseeker’s Agreement”

Claiming Benefits: Without an email address or telephone number? Sanctions? Extensive DWP opinions

Con-sultation: Review on benefit sanctions launched

Workfare, Tesco’s and the DWP

JSA Claimant Commitment: DWP internal guidance disclosed, 45+ documents

Specimen (blank) JSA Claimant Commitment

Work Programme: Letter to MP about refusing to sign documents

DWP Decision Makers Memo: Community Work Placements and Traineeships.

Benefits and Conscientious Objection: Restrictions on employment and workfare

DWP Customer Compliance and Fraud referral guidance

How to stop all DWP Universal Jobmatch emails

Welfare to Work Programme providers and your CV

JSA and ESA Hardship Payment claim form and Guidance on DWP sanctions created severe suffering or privation

Letter to DWP: Your Conscientious Objection, Religion, Jobseekers Allowance and Back to Work schemes