YMCA utter nonsense on JSA Hardship Payments and benefit sanctions

A hardship payment in Jobseeker’s Allowance or Employment and Support Allowance is not subject to repayment. The Universal Credit guidance about Recoverable Hardship Payments and Resources is in the  Advice for Decision Making guidance, chapter L1
From: DWP Central FoI Team – 11 July 2013

The YMCA are one of the greatest apologists for workfare and can’t even properly advise young people of their benefit sanctions rights. It’s young people’s sanctions guide goes as far as telling young people that if they are made destitute by JSA sanctions that they have to pay back means tested Hardship Payments. This is utter nonsense.

Remember, any [JSA] Hardship Payment you get will need to be repaid after your sanction ends. They will normally be paid by reducing your benefit payments when they start again.
[This is utter nonsense.]

From: YMCA England, Young Peoples Sanctions Toolkit – 05/11/2013

No one has to pay back a JSA or ESA Hardship Payments by having reduced benefits once a sanction ceases, that would mean Hardship Payments would be treated as a loan/debt to be recovered through benefits, which for young people would just be a sanction of lesser benefits by another name. YMCA Providing such misleading information further bullies young people to undertake Jobcentre Back to Work schemes.

View of a copy of the JSA/ESA Hardship Payment claim form, internal DWP guidance and details on how to challenge any Jobcentre sanction decision. If you object to YMCA as a religion based provider of Back to Work schemes, you can request the Jobcentre to include a restriction on your Jobseekers Agreement.

At present [30/11/13] nothing on the JSA/ESA Hardship Payment Claim form or DWP guidance that indicates payment is recoverable.

Universal Credit (UC) Hardship Payment is recoverable?

For UC a recoverability regulation for Hardship Payments does exist.

The Universal Credit Regulations 2013
Part 8, Chapter 3, Recoverability of hardship payments, Regulation 119

Universal Credit: DWP decision makers guide: Hardship Payments
“What are recoverable hardship payments”?

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