DWP Providers, your Privacy and Personal Data

The DWP has now explicitly confirmed it does share your personal data with it’s Welfare to Work Providers and others. But do remember you can still complete Withhold or Withdraw Consent, preventing how Providers share your personal data. Plus more often than not there is no need to sign any Providers forms giving them permission to collect and share your data, under the #DoNotSign principle.

“To help people receive help and support through the government’s welfare reforms the department will share information for an increasing number of welfare services. The sorts of services that this refers to are diverse but include:

  • services to help people with particular difficulties such as the government’s Troubled Families Programme
  • schemes to help people into work or to obtain better skills and training to assist in obtaining work, for example through Get Britain Working initiatives
  • services that support people with independent living: this would include a range of services such as entitlement to a Blue Badge
  • services that provide domiciliary and respite care.”

http://www.dwp.gov.uk/privacy-policy/ (updated 23/12/13)

On Work Programme (WP)? Got/Getting a Job? Want to stop DWP/Jobcentre and or WP Provider harassment; getting paid?

Withdraw consent from Work Programme Providers

No need to sign Work Programme documents and no sanctions