Cash for Consent: Letter to stop employers sharing your Personal Data with DWP or Work Programme Providers

Below is a draft letter to ensure employers do not share your Personal Data with the DWP or it’s Providers for Work Programme payments. Background info:

Remember: No powers exist that requires any employers to disclose employee Personal Data to the DWP or it’s Providers for the purposes of Work Programme (WP) Outcome or Sustainment payments.

Dear Employer,

RE: My Data Protection Act (1998) consent to share my Personal Data

I am writing to advise that I do not or no longer consent/give permission for you as my employer, under my Data Protection Act (1998) rights, to confirm or deny I am employed by you or to share my employee Personal Data including but not exclusively my Job Title, Hours of Work, Works Number, Wages etc, with any Third Party.

If anyone whatsoever should contact you for my Personal Data please request them to write to me  at my home address, permission for you to share my home address is not given.

Please note any Third Party includes The Department for Work and Pensions/Jobcentre Plus or any of it’s Providers such as [Name of Provider/Subcontractor].

If anyone supplies you with a form signed by me giving consent to share the aforementioned employee Personal Data, I confirm this is no longer valid and I do not agree to anyone mentioned on the form to be given my employee Personal Data.

Exceptions to above are given for HMRC for income tax and national insurance purposes.

Beside HMRC, if you do supply any of my Personal Data to any Third Party, please supply me with a copy of my Personal Data shared and a copy of the Third Parties written request.

Please confirm in writing that you received and will be acting upon the instructions set out in this letter to ensure your compliance with my Data Protection Act (1998) rights.


Comment: Further research needed on how this relates to Universal Credit, particularly in-work conditionality.

Notes: Welfare rights law and DWP guidance, in particular, changes frequently. You may find more recent information via or by using the website search facility (top right)