Newsletter: Latest 17 updates – 29 December 2013

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YMCA utter nonsense on JSA Hardship Payments and benefit sanctions

Winning your benefit appeal: what you need to know – £12 from CPAG

Voluntary Work: Remember under JSA and Universal Credit you can do it 35hrs full-time

Universal Credit: Full list of HMRC data shared with the DWP

Tougher Benefit Regime: Universal Jobmatch, a CV and up front work search to become mandatory?

Workfare and “swift and severe sanctions”: Diktats from Chancellor’s Autumn Statement

Draft EU Petition – Unfair Claimant Commitment as “There is no right of appeal…”

New resource pages on Jobcentre Rights and Jobmatch

Universal Automation Hits Google Store

Tips to challenge DWP provider benefit sanctions referrals

DWP analysis: 6 month workfare evaluation

Benefit Sanction Busting: Parts 1, 2 and 3

£950,000 Universal Jobmatch bunga bungle fiasco buried deep in DWP annual report

DWP Providers, your Privacy and Personal Data

DWP and Providers do not need consent to contact employers, for payments.

Why your consent is very important: DWP, Employers and Work Programme Providers

Cash for Consent: Letter to stop employers sharing your Personal Data with DWP or Work Programme Providers