Work Programme: Consent to contact employers, yet more DWP clarification

Use this letter: Cash for Consent: Letter to stop employers sharing your Personal Data with DWP or Work Programme Providers – to stop your past or present employer giving your employee Personal Data including “wage details” to the DWP or Work Programme Providers for Outcome or Sustainment payments.

“Summary and Action
3. You are free to go directly to an employer to establish wage details in respect of Outcome or Sustainment payments without the claimants consent for legacy JSA and ESA claimants.
4. You are also free to share any information that you obtain with DWP for legacy JSA and ESA claimants.
5. You are not free however to cont act employers for claimants who are receiving either contributory based JSA or contributory based ESA for
Universal Credit Claimants. (Sometimes referred to as “new style JSA/ESA”).
6. For these Claimant groups it is still necessary to obtain consent to contact an employer.”