The Benefit Sanctions Machine – Vindictive Seetec and it’s Targets to make people destitute

Whilst much debate about Benefit Sanctions Targets has rightly focused on Jobcentre staff, it appears self evident that Providers [For-Profit Companies] of the DWP’s flagship Work Programme and Mandatory Work Activity have targets and some pursue them with greater vigorous vindictiveness than others. How can providers like Seetec devote it’s resources to sanctioning 4,417 people in one week, compared to helping them into actual employment?

In a 5 week period Seetec tried to sanction benefits of nearly 13,000 people (Weeks 18 to 22). In one week alone it called to make 4,417 people destitute (Week 20), compared to 2 by Prospects.

Evidence of Destitution Targets by  Providers and The Workfare and Work Programme Benefit Sanctions Machine:

Punishing Poverty? Report on the Impact of Benefits Sanctions.

Seetec ruin lives. Let’s ruin their day: Contact The Workfare Bosses

Benefit Sanctions Are State Terrorism And Must Be Stopped Without Exceptions