DWP guidance on £2,275 wage incentive for youth jobs in Adult [sex] Entertainment Industry [ #job2014 ]

Chapter 20 Youth Contract – Wage Incentives   #job2014
(Revised chapter 20 published. 6 January 2014 11:25am)
Acceptable Jobs within the Adult Entertainment Industry
TV camera operators for adult channels on digital TV/pornographic films, auxiliary workers in lap/pole dancing clubs, strip clubs, saunas/massage palours, web-cam operators, glamour model photographers, sale, manufacture, distribution and display of sex related products and more
“An incentive payment of up to £2,275 per young person is available to the employer [Adult [sex] Entertainment Industry] once the employee has completed 26 weeks in continuous employment (qualifying period).”
“If you chose to mandate a mandatory participant to the employment you must
undertake the relevant WP08 [benefit sanctions referral for non participation] action. If the participant is a JSA claimant you should also raise a WP10 [benefit sanctions entitlement doubt].”

Now there are handouts for massage parlour madams: “Even in the sex industry, employers are treated as ‘wealth creators’ but young people as burdens” – “ask why government intervention is necessary to make the sex industry employ young people”?
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Conscientious Objection to DWP mandated Sex Industry work

When claiming benefits failure to apply for these jobs can lead to destitution benefit sanctions of up to 3 years. There would seem to be a reasonable basis for submitting to the Jobcentre a formal Conscientious Objection notification objecting to work within the Adult Entertainment Industry, such as a sample one concerning organised religion.