CPAG recommendations for JSA too narrow sanctions regime review

“4. CPAG is concerned that the terms of reference for this review appear to be narrower than what is required by legislation”  Via

“CPAG makes the following recommendations:

a. That procedures be changed so that it is unlawful to sanction without a letter;

b. That this letter must specify clearly the date and nature of the alleged breach of requirements and make clear what action the claimant must take, and by when, to avoid a sanction being applied;

c. That this letter always advises claimants of the possibility of applying for hardship payments;

d. That JCP must proactively consider hardship payments;

e. That the law be changed to ensure that an independent challenge can be made to a fulfil a condition of the work programme, that this is reviewed internally by DWP prior to a sanction to avoid a sanction being applied erroneously.”

f. In the absence of e., that where a dispute arises over whether a claimant can or cannot decision before a sanction is imposed;
From: CPAG highlights systemic problems with JSA sanctions via