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Seetec and Ingeus: Most vindictive benefit sanctions happy Workfare and Work Programme providers

Work Programme: Consent to contact employers, yet more DWP clarification

Work Programme: DWP issues Hints and Tips to sanction and make people destitute more efficiently

The Benefit Sanctions Machine – Vindictive Seetec and it’s Targets to make people destitute

Your Freedom of Information Act: Making requests, tips and ideas for Campaigns, Media exposure and to know your rights

2014 The Year of Workfare Luddites and Universal Automation

DWP guidance on £2,275 wage incentive for youth jobs in Adult [sex] Entertainment Industry #job2014

Bed Room Tax does not apply for “continuously entitled to Housing Benefit since at least 1 January 1996″

Hardship and New ESA or JSA Benefit Claim? You can get a Short Term Benefit Advance

CPAG recommendations for JSA too narrow sanctions regime review

Statistics and Special thanks to Johnny Void, Unemployment Movement and Boycott Workfare as top referrers to

Important: JSA and ESA sanction appeal tips

Universal Credit Benefit Cap already reduced from “from £26,004 a year to £18,204″ for couples without children?

Resources to effectively appeal benefit sanctions and survive financially

Everyone to be asked to register with Jobmatch, Create a CV and Look for work before first new claim appointment