Work Programme sanctions? More good tips

[ Extensive Tips on JSA and ESA sanction appeals and claiming Hardship Payments ]

In any Work Programme (WP) request for a mandatory reconsideration of a benefit sanction, it would do no harm to always state, in writing, that you found any related Mandatory Activity Notification (MAN) confusing and that you do not consider any WP08, WP09 and WP10 [DMA/Sanction form] have been completed correctly and you therefore do not consider any WP08, WP09 and or WP10 form or MAN complied with WP guidance.

” Issues have continued to arise regarding incorrect or incomplete WP08, WP09 and WP10 Decision Making and Appeals (DMA) referral forms…The benefits of using the DMA QAF include: A reduction in nugatory [worthless DMA referrals] work”
From: Work Programme Live Running Memo –  146  DMA Referrals Quality Assurance Framework (QAF) – 27 January 2014