Mandatory Universal Jobmatch on Xmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day or lose your benefits

With DWP making Jobsearch a mandatory full-time job, despite actual jobs for millions, more and more employers can have the joy of spam job applications via Universal Jobmatch (UJ). However, DWP stats indicate hundreds of thousands of UJ registered users are being bullied to use it over the xmas and new year holiday season.

To make the task of UJ less onerous why not give Universal Automation a whirl and if mandated to use UJ, just set up a separate account to experiment with first!

Always worth keeping in mind anyone claiming out of work benefits like Jobseekers Allowance of Universal Credit can take holidays or time off sick from full-time Jobsearch and still get benefits paid!

Q:How many registered users of Universal Jobmatch logged on Christmas Day (2013), New Year Eve (2013) and New Years Day (2014)?


Xmas Day 2013 New Years Eve 2013 New Years Day 2014
Jobseekers 29,747 103,047 89,637