DWP plans vouchers [Card] only, for benefit sanctions Hardship Payments?

Food vouchers are a “last chance saloon” for families – 3 March 2014
BBC’s Panorama is tonight to reveal that more than a third of all local councils in England and Wales are subsidising food banks, with almost £3 million set aside to fund them in recent years. ‘Hungry Britain? will be broadcast at 8.30pm tonight on BBC One.

Got a Benefit Sanction? have a Benefit Card (aka Voucher) – 3 March 2014
“Under the proposals, first time offenders would be issued with a benefits card credited with their weekly benefit as opposed to facing four weeks without funds as the system now stands. Benefits would be accessed via this card for a maximum of eight weeks. If the claimant continues to breach job search conditions, the card and benefits would be taken away.” http://www.policyexchange.org.uk/publications/category/item/smarter-sanctions-sorting-out-the-system

Child poverty strategy to be unveiled later this week [Thursday] – 24th February 2014
“lowering food bills through vouchers”