DWP: Latest Jobmatch guidance

[Universal Jobmatch: Your key rights]

Disclosed on 15/4/14 https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/201552/response/504427/attach/html/3/1138%20Response.pdf.html of note is the ability to notify a sanction based requirement for people on JSA or UC to apply for a specific job seemingly by telephone and face-to-face contact only.

118: “…you must formally notify the claimant of their obligation to apply for the job, and what the expiry date is, by either telling them:

  •  face to face; or
  • by telephone;
  •  or by letter.”

To void confusion, you should always ask a Jobcentre adviser/coach to provide a written notification of a job you must apply for and ask for this letter to state what benefit sanctions may apply if you do not follow the written notice.  If they decline to provide a written notification ask them to record a note on your LMS electronic file that you requested written notice and the Jobcentre adviser/coach refused. If they refuse, suggest you make a formal complaint. This may only apply when any registered user of Jobmatch has not given DWP permissions/access to their account.