Lone Parents, youngest child 3 – 4? Do not ‘volunteer’ for mandatory Work Programme and Workfare @keepvolvol

If you are a Lone Parent “whose youngest child is aged 3 – 4 years old” do not ‘volunteer’ for the Work Programme (WP) as it will then become mandatory. If you ‘volunteered’ before 28 April 2014 and your youngest child is aged 3 – 4 years old, the WP remains  ‘voluntary’.

“It has been decided that from 28 April 2014 a lone parent whose youngest child is aged 3 – 4 years old may volunteer to join the Work Programme; however upon referral their attendance will become mandatory” [original emphasis]

“Lone Parents with a youngest child aged 3 or 4 who were referred to the Work Programme before 28 April 2014 continue to attend as voluntary participants. Lone parents in this circumstance cannot be sanctioned for not participating in the Work Programme”

“Summary and Action
From 28 April 2014 if you receive a referral for a lone parent who has a child
aged 3 -4 years of age you will have the freedom to mandate them to a work
related activity* should you deem it necessary” [emphasis added]

*Note: Work related activity can include mandatory unpaid work (workfare). Work Programme provider guidance: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/work-programme-dwp-provider-guidance

WP151 Provider Memo – Lone Parent Conditionality – 30 April 2014 – Guidance https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/wp151-provider-memo-lone-parent-conditionality