DWP provider guidance: Community Work Placements – Help To Work

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Community Work Placements: DWP provider guidance

Annex 1: Work placement minimum standards
Annex 2: JSA Mandatory Activity Notification MAN 1
Annex 3: JSA Mandatory Activity Notification MAN 2
Annex 4: Labour Market Decision Making (LMDM) teams
Annex 5: Unencrypted CWP DMA e-mail referrals
Annex 6a: CWP DMA 01 – Failure to Participate referral
Annex 6b: How to complete CWP DMA 01
Annex 7a: CWP DMA 02 – Misconduct referral
Annex 7b: How to complete CWP DMA 02
Annex 8: Inappropriate referrals
Annex 9: Provider implementation checklist

This DWP provider guidance supports the prime provider in the delivery of the Community Work Placements Programme.

This guidance must be read in conjunction with:
– the Invitation to Tender
– Community Work Placement contract package information
– the DWP Generic Provider Guidance

Published:27 May 2014  https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/community-work-placements-dwp-provider-guidance

Info for hosts of mandatory workfare https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/mandatory-work-placements