#Workfare exploiter @Byteback_IT says it’s conscripts are “employees of the state”

Update: @Byteback_IT have decided to pull out of #workfare forever. With follow up media stories in the Private Eye,  The Times, Labour List, Huffington Post and the more local Bristol Post. Special mention has to go to @keepvolvol who highlighted this pernicious exploiter and @andygale who provoked a Director of Byteback IT Solutions Ltd (Nathon Hawke or Andrew Town) via @Byteback_IT into a tirade of indefensible tweets, topped by suggesting that Help to Work workfare conscripts are “employees of the state” and as they are being paid Jobseeker’s Allowance it cannot be “slavery“, showing astonishing ignorance of state sponsored slavery. It is crucial to note that Byteback IT Solutions Ltd is a for-profit business that charges at least £45 per hour, despite trying to frame itself as “a small community-serving business” and reinforces the view that the Help to Work scheme truly is an iron first in a velvet glove smashing the faces of the unemployed whilst profiting the likes of the Nathon Hawke’s or Andrew Town’s of this world.

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24 Jul 14: Bristol business Byteback IT Solutions pulls out of Help to Work scheme days after George Osborne visits to promote initiative http://www.southwestbusiness.co.uk/news/24072014101559-bristol-business-byteback-it-solutions-pulls-out-of-help-to-work-scheme-days-after-george-osborne-visits-to-promote-initiative/

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