#UniversalJobmatch: How to handle questions about giving Jobcentre/DWP no access to your account

DWP question: Why do you not want to give us (DWP/Jobcentre) access to Universal Jobmatch?

Jobseeker answer: (Suggestion) Do you need my permission to access my Jobmatch account? (repeat as required)

DWP answer: Yes, but why do you not want to give us access?

Jobseeker answer: Because you need my permission. (repeat as required)

Above transcripts is a suggested way for jobseekers on benefits to respond to questions on why they have, will and do not have to give the Jobcentre/DWP access to their Jobmatch account. Giving fuller explanations could increase conditionality, even though DWP guidance clearly states user “permission” is required to access any users account and access cannot be made mandatory using a sanction based Jobseeker’s Direction.

45. “DWP access to their [Universal Jobmatch] account (…you cannot issue a Jobseeker’s Direction to gain access)” [original emphasis] https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/201552/response/504427/attach/html/3/1138%20Response.pdf.html

“….she asked me why I have not allowed the DWP (JCP) access to my universal job-match account, I told her that I very rarely use the Direct.Gov website to search for jobs, as it’s obsolete compared to many of the other options out there, I spent about 5 minutes explaining…. [emphasis added]

Eventually she just told me straight up that according to the new rules enforced by the DWP I had NO choice but to allow them access to my account, not only that but I would also be FORCED to log in to their piece of shit website 5 days a week” http://unemploymentmovement.com/forum/unemployment-and-job-centre-plus/10499-the-job-center-forced-me-to-allow-them-access-to-my-universal-jobmatch-account

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