TUC informs Union Reps it supports workfare, because it is not “exploitative”

Boycott Workfare and Johnny Void have been pointing out that the TUC along with the CBI are now supporting unpaid workfare (*traineeships) after demands that they should be paid, whilst continuing to purse a rights campaign for interns to be paid. On August 4th the TUC issued Guidance for Union Reps on workfare, within this is a curious formulation of words:

The TUC and affiliated unions are firmly against exploitative workfare”  (emphasis added)

this implies that not all workfare is “exploitative” and seems very similar to the Labour Party stance on Zero Hour contracts. Most people thought Labour’s policy was for the complete abolishment of Zero Hour contracts, but in fact all they offered was a “plan to tackle the exploitation of zero-hours contracts” (emphasis added)  which is just another way of saying that not all zero-hour contracts are exploitative.

“Tuc is wrong workfare and traineeships are slave labour schemes we oppose there support for them”
Ian Hodson @IanBFAWU

The TUC is seeking an ideological shift to reframe use of the word workfare to imply that it is not always exploitative, to reinforce it’s own pro workfare agenda.

*Traineeships: “The TUC encourages employers to pay travel and meal expenses” but not a wage.