Merseyside Jobcentres: Some use benefit sanctions 5000 times more than others, why?

Liverpool Echo reports 50,000 benefit sanctions in Merseyside with different Jobcentres using the power to make people destitute varying widely.

Why St Helens Central Street Jobcentre sanctions benefits 5000 times more than Old Swan and Toxteth Park Road needs further investigation.

Merseyside decisions to apply adverse benefit sanctions

St Helens Central Street 5,127
Old Swan 5
Toxteth Park Road 5

Highest Jobcentre Benefit Sanctions to June 2014:

Luton Cheviot Hse 10,828

The full national breakdown of benefit sanctions for each Jobcentre to June 2014:

If you have further questions or wish to investigate this further, you can use More breakdowns for this data are available within Stat-Xplore:

List of Jobcentre Plus District Offices in local authority areas in Britain