New regulations for mandatory JSA youth (18-21) #workfare, training, maths and English skills

The Jobseeker’s Allowance (18-21 Work Skills Pilot Scheme) Regulations 2014
“The 18-21 Work Skills Pilot Scheme
3. —(1) The 18-21 Work Skills Pilot Scheme is prescribed for the purposes of section 17A(1) (schemes for assisting persons to obtain employment : “work for your benefit” [workfare] schemes etc) of the Act. ” [emphasis added]

Explanatory memo
“Claimants in the two treatment groups” [emphasis added]
Phase One “…skills training in English or Maths (or both) for up to 16 hours per week for a cumulative period of up to 6 months”
Phase Two “work-related activity or skills training (or both) for up to 30 hours per week for a cumulative period of up to 6 months”
The regulations reaffirm that if a conscript does not agree to ‘voluntary’ work/fare [Traineeships and sector-based work academies]  experience  they can be referred for Mandatory Work Activity placements. The scheme is due to start in late November/December 2014

“It is expected that the Work Experience scheme – which is voluntary – will be the most appropriate option in the majority of cases but other options available under Phase
Two will include:

  • Traineeships
  • sector-based work academies
  • Skills training placements
  • Mandatory Work Activity scheme placements

The adviser will then make a referral to the most appropriate option. Some of these options are (and will remain) voluntary, but participation in some form of provision
will be mandatory.” [emphasis added]

Benefit cuts for the young – secret agreement