Millions of jobseeker’s agreements that have been signed could be unlawful

“Mr Hart believes the judge’s conclusions could mean that every one of the millions of jobseeker’s agreements that have been signed could also be ruled unlawful.

He lost his first appeal in 2012, but Judge Ward concluded that the ‘My Rights’ section of the jobseeker’s agreement did not comply with the law.

The judge has now asked DWP to explain how the system allows a decision-maker to consider the disability-related aspects of a jobseeker’s agreement.”

The DWP is now replacing the JSA Jobseeker’s Agreement (JSAg form ES3JP) with a Claimant Commitment, for new JSA claims and when an existing JSAg/ES3JP is reviewed.

The JSA Claimant Commitment will become the new form of Jobseeker’s Agreement

JSAg ‘My Rights‘ extract:
“I know if there is any doubt about my benefit claim or disagreement about my Jobseeker’s Agreement, my case may be sent to a decision maker, which could result in the loss of my Jobseeker’s Allowance. If this happens I will be told. If I am not satisfied with the decision I can ask for it to be explained or reconsidered or I can appeal to an independent appeals

Judge brands DWP jobseeker’s agreement ‘unlawful’, after action by disabled claimant (14 Nov 2014)