Jobcentre ‘Work Coaches’ cannot make following mandatory

Today the DWP disclosed a summary of it’s Work Coaches (WC) “main activities“, it is worth noting that use of the ‘My Work Plan‘ is entirely voluntary and benefit claimants can restrict WC/DWP access to Universal Jobmatch accounts. Under Universal Credit (UC), it is not a requirement to sign a Claimant Commitment (CC), legislation requires that one be “accepted” via  a number of means. Before accepting a UC CC, there is a 7 day cooling off period.

Work Coaches mail activities

“However, as they would be considered Work Coaches, the main activities
associated with this role are:
–  To make every claimant contact count by coaching them to take
responsibility for getting themselves into work. Complete a Claimant
Commitment and be accountable for the decisions made during
interviews with claimants to help move them back into sustained
–  Agree the Claimant Commitment, obtain a signed copy from claimant
and give the claimant a hard copy. Record on LMS that the Claimant
Commitment has been accepted/disputed and verified before sending
the claim pack to the Service Centre.
–  Provide an immediate second opinion on colleagues’ refuse to sign
cases (Claimant Commitment)
–  Promote and encourage the use of Universal Jobmatch (UJ) for
jobsearch activity. Proactively suggest ways claimants may improve
the matches they receive, encouraging claimants to create an account
and explain the benefits of allowing DWP access to their account
–  Offer dynamic, flexible advice and support to underpin claimants’
personalised commitment of job search actions, and support them to
develop the skills they need to look for and obtain work.
–  To promote the use of the My Work Plan by coaching claimants to
forward plan their own work search activities that will allow them the
opportunity to document their plans and achievements towards finding
–  Support staff in implementing conditionality and ensuring they
understand the level of evidence required in the My Work Plan.
–  To be accountable for decisions on availability with a clear rationale for
the level, frequency and intensity of contact they have with each
–  Undertake Work Services activity with the claimant, including
maintenance of claimant’s skills/CV using Universal Jobmatch where
–  Reconsider mandation decisions (Jobseeker’s Directions) where
requested by claimant. ” [emphasis added]