Jobcentre Rights

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A short compilation of some important Jobcentre rights

Rights to refuse Zero Hour contracts: JSA and Universal Credit

Resources to effectively appeal benefit sanctions and survive financially

How to Appeal or Dispute a Decision: From 28th October 2013

53% of reconsideration requests and appeals against JSA sanctions are successful

Your rights to take support to jobcentre appointments and have others act on your behalf

Winning your benefit appeal: what you need to know – £12 from CPAG

Hardship: JSA and ESA Hardship Payment claim form and Guidance:

Avoid Workfare: Check out guide on how to avoid workfare.

Universal Jobmatch: Your key rights:

DWP Zero Hours guidance: Jobseekers Allowance and Universal Credit:

Work Programme: You can still withdraw consent to share personal data with a Third Party

Jobcentre ‘My Work Plan’ is not mandatory, no sanctions for refusing

Voluntary Work: Remember under JSA and Universal Credit you can do it 35hrs full-time

#DoNotConsent: Withdraw consent from Work Programme Providers:

#DoNotSign: No need to sign Work Programme documents and no sanctions:

Benefits and Conscientious Objection: Restrictions on employment and workfare:

Claiming Benefits without an email address or telephone number? Sanctions? Extensive DWP opinions:

Complain about Jobcentre Plus

Got a complaint about a DWP Work Programme Provider? –

Want compensation for poor Jobcentre service? –